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A Mighty Gift..Answered Prayers

Yesterday was my second infusion of my new chemo regime. The first infusion was difficult to take during the first week due to nausea and fatigue which was brought on by mug not eating and drinking due to the nause. what a vicious cycle- but God and my amazing oncologist Dr. Patricia Robinson were right there the entire time and got me through and set me up for this part deux! I have to admit I was a little nervous the night before so I spent some extra time in devotion and being still and I reached out to my many prayer warriors and asked for prayer. Prayer for healing, strength, new outcomes, rest and resilience. I’m rejoicing in the testimony of the power of prayer once again.., I made it through an easy (almost too easy) blood draw, easy infusio, successful neulasta on board injection (last one failed but I’m not sure if I shared that), and day two was a success in terms of very little nausea that was quickly addressed with my new meds. The one caution my doctor gave me was to increase my protein because it was dangerously low - something I knew since I had not had much protein as of late (other than my bone broth chicken noodle soup from my brother from another mother Thad Young). I’m on three protein shakes a day now (80 grams of protein) and a healthy breakfast or dinner. I’m having a new reality with this new chemo and it feels awesome! Even got treatment for my neuropathy which may even help my lymphedema! Look at God! Two more treatments to go! Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for your gifts of love, support, nourishment and prayer!

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Jan 03, 2021

I am happy that the neuropathy was better. Much love to you Leslie.


Dec 31, 2020

Super Leslie!!


Thinking of you my dear Leslie. 2021 will have brighter days for you. xox


Merry Christmas 🎄. Love you.😘

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