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Philippians 4:7 (His Power=My Peace)

As I prepare for my cancer extracting surgery on Tuesday, a have been doing random self pulse checks to make sure I’m good. I’m thinking about the surgery and all that comes with it, I’m shopping for post surgery stuff (of course), waking up with grateful posts on Facebook (thank you Jonathan for sharing), doing devotions with my Heartbeats and just taking in all the many prayers and good wishes and daily scriptures (thanks mom) and I’m surprisingly not anxious, not worried, not teary eyed or even sad. I’m good. I’m steadied, I’m hopeful and prayerful and joyful that God let me see the end in the midst of my journey....cancer free. Am i in! Am I suppressing it...i don’t think so. so why the peaceful spirit??? I’m not a bible toting, church every Sunday, no cursing Christian by any means and I say this so that no one can think that this peace is beyond their reach. All the lessons and messages from God in the Bible are crashing down on me like a waterfall at a time when I need to hear his word...and isn’t that what He promises us even if we had faith the size of a mustard seed? Take it from this mustard seed having woman...God‘s got you. And when you get that settling feeling over your spirt, even while facing overwhelming challenges- know that is God standing up in you. His strength is truly made perfect in our weakness.

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