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Chemo Journey

Today is chemo day number 3. A few folks have asked what it’s like and I reaaluzed that I have not shared that aspect of this journey. So the full process takes about two and a half hours start to finish. They start by taking my vitals - weight and blood pressur and then they access the port (for anyone going through this process, the port is a blessing - it prevents getting stuck every Time) to draw blood. As long as my cell counts and other vitals are ok they will proceed with the infusion. First drug is Benadryl (to prevent allergic reactions) and that takes about 30 min. If you have ever taken it, you know that it makes you very drowsy (Which feels good). They then flush the port - which they do between each drug and at the end and it feels like cool water going into your vein). Next is a steroid that helps with suppressing some of the side effects of the chemo and that takes about 20 min (I dont really have a feeling with the steroid). last is the chemo - and while the feeling is hard to explain, I can say that it’s not painful or particularly stressful. I do know that although they put you in a comfy recliner, I need to sit up with my feet planted on the ground to avoid feeling dizzy or slightly nauseate. the chemo lasts for an hour. After the chemo, they flush the port and I am free to go. I usually bring one of the many blankets that I’ve gotten as gifts, some low scent snacks (cheezit, pretzel, plain potato chips) and I sip on a ginger ale. I do bring anti nausea meds and some of the anti nausea lozenges that I have been gifted, but I haven’t needed them so far. i asked the nurse if this would be my experience every time and she really couldn’t answer because not only is chemo cumulative, every experience is different. if It’s God’s will, each session will be this uneventful- but if not, I know that God’s unchanging hand will be with me -He is my true Ride or Die! Thank you all for your continued prayers.

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