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I’m not the one….

Explicit Language following…for the last few days I started asking why my journey was what it was and questioning why it wasn’t easier. And then in my spirit came this….Fuck You devil for trying to get me to question My God! Fuck You devil for trying to get me to believe that my steps aren’t ordered by the Most High and that He is using every step for my good! Fuck You devil for trying to shake my faith in my journey and for making me question the blessings of every single moment of my journey! Fuck You devil for getting in my head - No More! My God is an Awesome God and I thank God for every moment, every cancer mass, every surgery, every test, every drop of chemo, every ray of radiation because it created space for God to show up in my life and be AMAZING! It gave me my testimony and it showed the world what God can do with a broken vessel, what strength looks like in a weakened body and where hope and joy comes from! So Fuck You and the horse you rode in on…You tried the wrong one…and you lost! I am more than a survivor...I'm thriving!

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I see you, and I see you thriving. Every day might not be a ‘10,’ but you’re here, stronger, and more faith-filled, with a testimony that is awe-inspiring!


Lisa Haley Huff
Lisa Haley Huff
Sep 15, 2022

Leslie, I suppose we always ask ‘Why Me’. I ask myself that every day I wake up in Pittsburgh. I do not even remotely have the words to respond appropriately - it is a heart breaker. But I can say, trials make us better, Sad at times, difficult at times, but we usually emerge from life’s challenges better. If not now, at some point. And maybe that better helps someone along the way. You have remarkable strength - it is admirable, because I did to quite have the positivity that you have experienced. This posting is giving me strength. God is blessing you with this strength. I pray and hope you have a more positive journey. I lo…

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