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A Birthday Blessing

As I kick off the day celebrating my 51st birthday, I pause to celebrate my God! This time last year I had no clue what I was about to endure and I had no idea how God was preparing me to be a survivor. Despite how incredibly challenging some of my days were over the past year, I would not trade my journey for anything in this world. As outwardly as I shared my journey- there were daily (and often times moments by the second) moments that were just me and God and for that I am most grateful. He talked me through and off so many ledge moments and He held me close when I needed comfort that only He could provide. He also lit up my village in ways that I could have never imagined! I truly got my flowers (literally and figuratively) while I could smell them. I experienced (and still do) love daily - with the most precious coming from myself to myself. I am stronger and wiser and more alive than I have ever been because of my cancer journey and that is a Birthday Gift that will stay with me forever! Thank you God! Thank you God! Thank you God!

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