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Chemo Session 10 - Real Talk

chemo is a beast and each session can get harder, which for me it has. As many have cautioned me, my side effects are different than others. As I finished my 10th Taxol treatment things like mild neuropathy in my hands started to be more pronounce, a loss of taste for savory foods and meats (believe it or not but all sweets still taste normal and good - especially mints, pears, apples, grapes and toffee coated peanuts...oh yeah and Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts). I also have developed and aggressive itch that covers my torso, arms and thighs, but there is no rash. The most intense time for me and the itching tends to be the evening after chemo and while it’s been mild in the past, this week was incredibly difficult. But my doctor was way ahead of me and provided extra steroids for me to take that night. I didn’t think I would need them and I’m also leery of the long term effects of steroids so I tried not to take them and I paid dearly for that decision. When I finally took them I was in significant discomfort which caused me to panic a little, which caused the itching to escalate- but the drugs finally kicked in and I was to rest. I’m done playing doctor and I will take the drugs that I am given and instructed to take and trust that my overall healthcare is being monitored by my my medical team

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I feel so sad as this is a really exhausting and super tough time in your life. Keep the drugs close by! Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you’re doing so well. I can’t imagine how I’d handle this situation, but I know that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off with the grace and strength that you display! You're getting closer every day. xox


Thinking about you much! Love you. 😘😘😘


Nov 22, 2020

Leslie, I am so sorry for your discomfort. You are right to do as they instruct. You can worry about side effects later when the chemo ends. Much love to you.

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