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I Won’t Complain...

As a result of the cancer, I had 20 lymph nodes removed from my left arm. Despite still having lymph nodes left, I am still experiencing lymphedema, which has limited my arm movements and caused slight swelling, But God - the lymphedema is not sign so I fully expect my physical therapy will restore full movement- enough to resume golf next summer - and teach me how to keep the swelling down to a negligible level. At first I more thing, but then I was Reminded of how blessed I’s slight lymphedema, I caught it early, insurance pays for everything, the exercises I needed to do are good for me anyway and although I need to cut back on some of the junk I eat (salty foods) that’s good for me too. So I Won’t Complain! Healing Continues and Blessings are all around me!

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Nov 06, 2020

You got this❤️

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