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No regrets

While this journey has felt like it’s going in slow motion at times, i realize that it’s in fact moving very quickly. On July 21st I got the call from my doctor and dear friend that I in fact had breast cancer. On August 25 I had a double mastectomy. On July 16 I got my port implanted and started chemo. Despite the pace and my tendency to have buyers remors, on this journey I have no regrets. I have moved through this journey in thoughtful and intentional ways - in some ways that have caused many I know and love to take pause and question if I was moving too quickly. I am fully confident in my path to a cure and the many survivors that have reached out have not only been confirmation of treatment plan but have provided comfort in some parts of the journey that initially scared me the most - like the effects of chemo and hair loss. I am blessed to be surrounded by loved ones on every side, I’m blessed by a having an employer that supports my leave requests, I’m blessed by my work family that has stepped up in awesome ways allowing me the confidence to step back and focus on my healing, I’m blessed to have a medical team that is world class and thorough as well as compassionate and accessible, I’m blessed by great health care that supports my treatment decisions and I’m blessed to be able to walk this journey knowing I’m heading towards a cure. So no...I have no regrets...just hope and anticipation for all that God still has in store for me and anticipation to continue walking in my purpose!

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