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Radiance in the making

  1. So that’s the way I see it! Just as pressure and heat are combined to bring forth our most precious diamonds, so too am I going through a beautification process. God has helped me to shed all those things that I don’t need in preparation for my “coming out”! Transformations are never easy but they are always for the best...when God is the potter. I won’t lie to you, this journey has been a trip (said with all the sassyness I can muster)...but I’m through with the worst of it! I made it through! I beat cancer! I’m healthy! Now I’m going the last polishing phase in preparation for my new and much improved set of ta-ta’s...yes I said it and for those who are a little put off....oh well, you will be ok (lol). on a more serious tip, I do thank God for everyone on this blog and so many others that didn’t join...your prayers, gifts, home cooked meals, cards, texts and notes gave me strength and comfort...especially when I was in the room alone. God sends His best to surround His flock in times of need and I certainly felt it. I am back at work now but not “going back” to normal...I’m moving forward in the spirit of winning my life forward. I thought I had prioritized what was important, but I really hadn’t. Love, Family, Health and Joy are what’s really Important and I intend on living that truth from here on out! Don’t get me wrong, work has its place and if you are as lucky as I am to be able to blend your work colleagues into your personal family village, then you are not leaving anyone behind. I am wired to work and compete and that won’t change but all of that takes a back seat to life....and life more abundantly, which is God’s plan for me.

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