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Restoration of the simple pleasures of life

Each day I test out doing some of the things that became difficult or temporarily impossible for me to do after my double mastectomy- some of those things are the very things I clearly took for granted like sleeping on my side and the comfort of a good stretch or reaching those cookies that I hid on the top shelf so i Could have some when I was ready. i am happy to share that God gives you new mercies and specific blessings that are tailored to your needs each new day and for me....sleeping on either side last night (not for long periods of time altho they felt like it) and waking up to the biggest stretch since surgery were my blessings. What were your blessings this morning? Waking up? Waking up with just a little less pain, an answer to a problem you were struggling with, sunshine from your window, a new job, confirmation that your work is valued, seeing a loved one (safely) that you haven’t seen in a while, having your granny (or grandaddy) or great granny around to still love on, having someone to love and who loves you! I know that at least you have someone to love you because I love you! Thank you for loving me back and for all your prayers and gifts. #ProgressInTheJourney

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