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Spiritual Preparation

I have not posted in a few days but it’s not for lack of strength - it’s more because I have been consumed with the spiritual preparation that God is stirring up in my life for this next chapter of my journey. I have been uneasy and even scared about going through chemo but over the last few days, much of those feelings have subsided. I cannot thank God enough for the village He built around me 360 - work family, home family, church family, sisters and brothers from other mothers, random healthcare professionals and so many more. I continue to pray that the chemo will kill whatever cancer is left but doesn’t ravage my body too much. I pray that I will continue to have the mental and physical strength to fight each new day with vigor and victorious expectation. I am reminded that this testimony Is not just for me but for anyone that needs a reminder of how Big our God is! At the beginning of this walk my amazing husband said stop telling God how big the mountain is and start telling the mountain how Big your God is and I have been saying that ever since! cancer had no clue what kind of fighter it got in the ring with because it thought it was just me....nope! it got in the ring with God and my entire village, which is by the way filled with living testimonies and warriors and survivors of all kinds of battles. I can’t do anything but win! I love you all! Please continue to pray as I get my port in and start chemo on 9/16. the chemo process will last five months, followed by a few weeks of radiation and then reconstruction. To God be the glory! We are going to have one hell of a celebration in 2021!

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Our God IS BIGGER! Great is thy faithfulness... Praying with you Leslie!


Sep 15, 2020

You do have a village of wonderful people who love God and you. Fight on!!!

much love


Sep 14, 2020

Thank you for letting us in your fight. Your a queen and fighter that will conquer anything in the way. XOXO Love you❣️⭐️☀️


Beautiful! You're getting stronger everyday. Cancer started this fight but you will definitely finish it! Big hugs my friend.


What a mighty God we serve. He has anchored you in faith and surrounded you with prayer warriors. You are not alone. Love you darling. 🙏🏽❤️

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