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End of a Season and the Beginning of a new...

And so it WAS...yes I am finally done with all of my cancer beating and cancer prevention treatment!!!! For the record, I could stop right there cause there is enough to shout about from that one statemen...but I won’t because this journey has been bigger than just me. When I started this journey, God told me two things....this won’t take you out and this journey is not yours to keep to yourself. On the first part...I needed desperately to hear that and even now that I’m done with treatment, I still hold on to that promise. Every Sunday my pastor Dr. Reginald Williams reminds us all that God created us on purpose, for purpose; which clearly speaks to the second purpose. This journey has caused me to pause and really think about my path in life - work, home/family, village, ministry. It is clear to me, more than ever before, that my home/family and village are my first priority. A friend once told me that she was loyal to home and that everything else was a distant second. I get that now for real And I plan on never losing sight of that! I’m starting to also look at my work differently too. Is this what I want to do? Am I learning? Am I growing? For all my BMO fam on this blog...don’t panic because for now, the answer is yes. But that’s just it, by saying “for no” I’m now leaving room for God to direct my path. There is so much more that I am going to be called to do, because He saved my life to do it! So my story doesn’t end with radiation and my testimony doesn’t stop at He kept me and He saved me (although that right there is a testimony in and of itself)! What I do with this blessing of life after cancer is the bigger testimony- how I use my journey to stand taller and be more faithful, to encourage others to do the same, to cherish all that God has given me and how I share those gifts with the world! This new season of allowing the old no longer useful pieces of Leslie to fall away creating room for the new me and my newness of life is an exciting one and I am confident and enthusiastic about all God has created me to conquer, because I can! I shared the first part of my at times, very difficult journey so that everyone can see that it’s not me! We have a shared strength in God, who has walked in front, beside, behind and often carried me through. His strength and His purpose for us is no off the rack blessing. It is tailored to meet us at our point of need and bring out that which He put in us individually on purpose for purpose. This ain’t the end of my blog and definitely not the end of my story, so stay tuned for next season’s episodes of I Got This!!!!

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