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Chemo round 6

So today I’m trying something new. I drove to chemo. They said that after going through three or four rounds and knowing how it affects me, I could try driving. Nobody panic - Louis is on standby in case he needs to pick me up, so there is no risk here. For those who know me well )or even not do well) know that I am an independent person and while I am learning to lean on my village for a lot more these days, being able to do some things for myself is definitely sacrosanct! My press was a little high and I honestly don’t know if that will change...this is after all some scary shit! It’s mot overly high though so the doctor is not overly concerned. Today I am reading Caste to catch up with my book club and I got the most amazing bookmark from my godson Chace and the family. I never thought I would need a bookmark again (going completely digital) but I got the physical book as a gift and I actually forgot how much I love turning the pages. Well not much else today other that I’m back to feeling on top of this fight. But here are a few things I have been encouraged to share...

- I really shouldn’t have flowers during chemo. I’ve loved all the ones that I have gotten but I think I have reached my limit. Love to everyone that has blessed me with them.

- I’m looking for for ready made green drinks that are pasteurize. I thought I found a company but they are not pasteurized- who knew it was a big thing?

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Oct 22, 2020

Chace is one of the most impressive kids that I know! His gift card to you is true to you and true to him. God Bless you both. I read The Warmth of Other Suns and will read Caste soon. Enjoy the book as you enjoy driving again! You are much loved.

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