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Healing from the Son (through the sun)

Praise god from whom all blessings flow! From the rising of the sun to the healing powers that God provides through...and you! As many of you know. I’m a summer baby...,I hate the cold and despite its beauty, the fall kicks off a slight softening of my spirit. Well, God knew I wasn’t ready and gave us in Chicago a few more days of summer lovin’! I am going to take this time to prepare myself for joy in this next seasonal transition because there is joy and I surely don’t want to miss it. Truth is that just waking up (no matter how hard it is some Days for all of us) is cause for joy and our response should be to tackle anything that gets in the way of fully realizing that joy. God said He wants His people to have life and life more abunda- but He can only do so much (like giving us this day...our daily bread) we then must choose life and walk into it boldly with Hope and Expectation of God showing up and doing the rest! I am going to proclaim daily from here on out that “I Choose Life” (thank you Erika Bracey - the Brave Chick Survivor for sharing that message) because doing anything less is not honoring God‘s gift to me! Today is chemo day 4 and I Choose Life! Enjoy

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