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How are you really????

I seem to get this question a lot so I figured it warranted a here it is....I’m good! It’s been almost two months since my last chemo treatment and my body is healing beautifully. I am starting my fourth week (I will have six in total) of radiation and so far it’s been a blessing. Don‘t get me wrong, I have my moments of being tired of this journey and I still have my WTF moments but I also have moments where it’s just me and God and those times far outweigh the other moments. This journey has allowed me to connect with God and others in ways that I could not have ever imagined. It has focused me on what’s important...I mean really important, in ways that have fueled my healing and my joy. I don’t ever want to give the impression that this journey isn’t hard in many ways but when you see me happy and praising God, I’m doing so because of who God is....a Healer, a Comforter, a Heart fixer, a calming elixir...He is my balm in Gilead...and necessarily because of any particular point of my walk. A few weeks ago a lymph node on my right side showed Up enlarged after my Covid vaccine- because of the size, my doctors wanted me to have a biopsy. I was a little shaken for sure but then I just said...I have been through the worst of this and survived and while I did not want to go through it again...I knew I would survive again. The biopsy was negative- PRAISE GOD!!!!!!! i leaned on the Word of God every day to keep me focused on the strength of God in my weakest moments and I pushed through. So when you see me looking strong, laughing and praising God, know that its not a’s my testimony and everyone of you have played a role in it. Thank you for praying and lifting me up to the God who just is! With a village like this, how could I not be good...or even amazing!

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Thank you for the post... I think about you and pray for you often but don’t want to keep reaching out when I know you have so much going on... you know I am here for you and love you very much! After I get my second vaccine and wait my 2 weeks, I will do some baking for you and drop it off, with my mask on of course! Love you and will reach out so you can tell me what you want!

Mar 22, 2021
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Thank you but you can reach out anytime

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