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Last Leg

Praise God, I am now entering my last phase of breast cancer prevention - which is radiation. While there are some side effects (mainly skin irritation) the procedure appears to be a cake walk compared to chemo. I just did what they call a planning session yesterday where they measure the area that will be receiving the radiation and they create a mold of my body so that they can precisely direct the radiation to that specific area every time. The treatment lasts for about 5-7 minutes and I go in every day for roughy six weeks. Care for the site is typically about applying A&D ointment or some extra moisturizers to your skin a few times a day - especially right after treatment. Fatigue is also another side effect so they tell you to remain active during the times you feel strongest. i will update everyone once treatment begins on Feb 22 and I ask as I always do for you to keep me lifted up in prayer. I have let God know that I have had my share of side effects so I dont want any more if it’s in His will. Love you all dearly!

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