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Scared for what??

Today was the last big test to see if the cancer had spread - my doctor is thorough - and it was a closed MRI. For those that don’t know me, I’m very claustrophobic. So I took an anxiety pill before going in, but it didn’t seem to do anything (they say sometimes you can be too anxious and the pill just doesn’t work) and because I needed to follow some breathing directions in the test, the tech did not want me to take another pill. But God! As we walked into the room the technician said I got you - or at least that is what I heard. 45 min later, calm as ever - not one min of anxiety. I could have hugged that sister! Not during the “Rona” though. It’s been moments like this that I keep hearing I Got You ever since I ho cancer. This has truly been a faith walk and while I would never wish for cancer, I would not trade this journey with God. He has been speaking to me for years but it’s only now and when I look back that I’m now hearing Him - yall will get that later in your quiet time. I thank everyone who has said - I wish I could fight this for you - the thing are! God is standing up in me in new ways and He is also surrounding me with His earthly angels that are sharing their strength with me. Years ago my Heartbeat Jeri shared with me a sermon her daddy preached where he talked about taking God in - inhale Lord I receive you, exhale, Lord I need you - this right here has steadied me in ways that I can only scotch the surface in describing. Thank you God for lessons long ago in preparation for such a time as this. Yeah...scared for what! Cancer has no idea how big my God is...

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Aug 20, 2020

Oh but God been preparing for such a time as this. We must literally listen to his word and have a mustard seed of faith. Love you ship


Hi Sweetie. You inspire me. I feel better for you. Thank God.


Yes! God is much bigger than cancer!! He absolutely has you! Amen!

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