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Stronger every hour!

Honestly as I eat more (thank you all for the nourishment) and move more, I literally feel stronger every hour. Tomorrow I go in to have the final two drains removed (praying hands) and later in the week I do a battery of tests to ensure that I’m strong enough to handle the chemo...and without a doubt, I will be! I have been a little silent over the past few days because I have literally been thanking God for EVERYTHING at almost every moment (even those times I feel a little weak or nausea). I know this sounds like a broken record but quite frankly...I don’t care!!!!! I feel so blessed to have caught this cancer when I did, to have the leadership team and support that will allow me the time and space to heal, a husband who has been my Superman from the start (and whose loved profession allows him to spend time caring for me), friends that check in, family that is close, neighbors that keep me full of good greens and who come by and take my puppy for playdates a sisterhood And a brotherhood that only God could have chosen and whole cast of survivors who cheer me on and keep things into perspective and most of all a Hod that sits high, looks low and is all powerful and all knowing! Yes I had the balls and he wished he F’d with someone one else! I’m going to need some fab earrings when the hair loss settles in and some more fab masks - so please feel free to send me so

e new shopping sites!

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Looking for sites now!!

You are so strong 💪🏽. I love you, love you, love you! ❤️

Me gusta

I never doubted that you're one of the strongest woman I know and you will be back on your feet in no time but still make sure to not rush things. It's about you right now!

Me gusta

I'm so glad you're eating more and more. You know I got you on the fashion/shopping sites! And anything else you need... lobster is coming! See you soon!!!!

Me gusta
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