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Too much...slowing down...Balance

I am not surprised I did it’s in my DNA. If you remember early on my journey I started having good days and trying to get it all in when I did....and then having to sit down. Well I’m back in that place and I need rest. Yesterday I got up, did my squat, cleaned up, did my arm stretches, ran some errands and then walked for a mile and a half with some girlfriends (masked up of course). It was too much and my physical therapist warned me that it would be. Those stretches clearly shook some good stuff loose and I feel it. The walk at the end took me out but I don‘t regret it because last night I went to bed at 8 and had the best sleep. But I won’t do a repeat today - I’m taking it slow and getting more rest - as much as I need to push a little, I also need to preserve my strength. It’s all about balance.

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Nov 13, 2020

Leslie, you will be able to c0mplete a b0ok with your kind descriptive words of insight.

You have always been special. Throw in your humor to the effort. I love you.

much love...


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