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Too much to fight for

When I think of my village across this world praying for me and loving on me and of all the survivors that have reached out to me, all I can say is that I have Way too much to fight for! When I think of my husband and new family - I am reminded of how much I have to fight for. When I think of the sacrifices of my parents and the support from my sister and brother, I am reminded of what I’m fighting for. When I think of my many nieces and nephews that are just at the beginning of creating an amazing life for themselves That I’m eager to celebrate, I’m reminded of what I am fighting for. For all those lives that God has asked me to touch in and after this journey - not only am I reminded of how much I have to fight for but I’m reminded that this fight is not mine alone. God has gone before me to wage this war against cancer on my behalf and He has given me a motivation that is bigger than me to do my part in this fight...which is to keep the faith, hold on to His unchanging hand and to share my journey so that others can also see in living color that our God is bigger than any fight before us and that He Got Us! We serve a faithful, loving, graciou, powerful, all knowing, present, unchanging and Awesome God!

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