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Voted today

In my current condition, being around a group of strangers can be dangerous; but not voting was not an option. So I wrapped ip and N95 masked up and headed to an early voting site. The first location was wrapped around the building and into the parking lot and folks were getting was to close to me - unacceptable! so I went to a second location and the line was much shorter with security making sure social distancing rules were followed - in and out in one hour. It felt really good to close this loop today and focus on something other than cancer and the effects of the chemo (which haven’t been bad - and I’m praying it stays that way). I am at the five mile mark of this marathon and I’m a little tired of this race but I need to keep going. I share this to be transparent about this journey- it’s not nor would I expect to be on 10 all the time. Most days are good for sure but I do have tough moments when I just need to be still and go inward to regain my “jush“. That is my current condition this evening...I will find it and be back on top soon! Keep prayers coming in the meantime- they will always be the wind beneath my wings.

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