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Wow! Look at God!

So a few things happened on chemo day... when I had my doctors appointment my blood pressure was fairly normal but when I got to the chemo clinic it was high. The attributed it to nerves and took the earlier reading. When they tried to get blood from my port, it just wouldn’t come...the first four times. The nurse laid me back in the chair and I started to breathe...Inhale - Lord I receive you, exhale - Lord I need you. That last attempt the nurse said whatever you are doing don’t stop because the blood is flowing fine now. I shou have started after the blood pressure scan. The chemo treatment itself was fine but when I got home, the nausea started and the more intense hot flashes. I also had this feeling of being high - face numb and flushed feeling. I had pills for the nausea but everything else was new and not really expected but this time I started my breathing immediately- inhale - Lord I receive you, exhale - Lord I need you...and I went straight to sleep and slept the entire night. I texted my doctor first thing in the morning about my after effects and she texted right back with an additional med to control more nausea and nervousness- that was at 6am...I love my doc. Later in the evening my Neulesta on board malfunctionEd and I texted my doc again per instructions but again instead of panicking, I just breathed...Lord I receive you, Lord I need you...going into the clinic for my shot and all is well. I Got you God told me and I got this! I’m good.

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I love that testimony. Lord, I receive you, Lord I need you. He's always there when you need Him!!! I'm glad everything turned out well!!

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Karl Anderson
Karl Anderson
11 dic 2020

That's a Wonderful breathing routine Leslie...I should copy that🤗. ...great medical support team you have

Me gusta
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